I’ve talked about how to build a WireGuard VPN server in 5 minutes in Blog Post. But I didn’t explain why I am so excited and happy with WireGuard and why I felt that I need more faster VPN solution.


So in this short and direct blog post I will share a quick Benchmark vs OpenVPN. I used speedtest.net to test my internet speed and please notice that I have a 32Mbps line so before I connect to any VPN I started the test and the result was :

Ping Download Upload
7 ms 33.01 Mbps 7.50 Mbps

But because I need to use a VPN to bypass some blocked websites blocked by the ISP and to watch the Netflix USA content. For example I was using a peronal OpenVPN server but I wasn’t ever happy with the internet speed over the VPN and here is internet speed test results while using my OpenVPN server :

Ping Download Upload
133 ms 3 Mbps 1.9 Mbps

So I lost around 90% of my internet speed.

Why Me

I know that someone will talk about OpenVPN optmizition and the server specs but when I started to use WireGuard installed on a $5 server and I didn’t optmize anything it was something else and here is the speed test results for WireGuard :

Ping Download Upload
188 ms 27.32 Mbps 4.53 Mbps

So accept WireGuard into your life and forget about OpenVPN.